Thursday, April 27, 2006

They Didn't Call Me

They didn't call me when they took this poll, but then I don't live in Arizona. I am sure that immigration is going to be right up toward the top of the list of major issues that will effect the next couple of national election's. They can't ignore it any more, the country is waking up. Border security should be at the top of the issues list. After the border is secure go after the businesses that give them jobs. You could add me to the group that would arrest and deport illegal aliens. That doesn't mean I'd support a mass round-up. Give them time they will get caught. They could be involved in a domestic dispute, or get caught at a sobriety check point while driving to or from work. Everyone forgets about the speed limit from time to time (don't they?). A new stop sign could get put up where there wasn't one before. Since they broke the law by entering the country without getting caught they might figure it is safe to continue leading a life of crime and get caught committing any of a number of crimes. Just give them time, they will get caught. That would be the time to arrest and deport them.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


Blogger American Crusader said...

They didn't call me either. We have 11 million plus illegal immigrants in this country using up money for education, social services, medical bills and even for incarceration, but the truth is we are not going to deport 11 million people. It's not possible and I for one don't want to see our government breaking up families and participating in mass deportations.
I think what we need to do first is to secure the damn borders. Every day more and more immigrants are coming across illegally into this country. Until we secure our borders, no new laws or immigration policies are going to make any difference.

7:31 AM  
Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

Trump already building a US-Mexico wall border worth $15 Billion. Check this out...

11:05 PM  

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