Tuesday, June 14, 2005

China/United States

I can remember thinking China was a backward (third world) nation that had a military that was willing to go to war with any country and fight to the death. Some things have changed since then. China still has a military that all other countries should be concerned about, but it is no longer thought of as a backward nation. A trip to any department store in the United States will prove that. I read a What We Now Know article today that says a large number of people feel China/United States trade deals are beneficial to the American public. OK, we can get shoes and clothing (stuff) that is MADE IN CHINA for less money than we would pay for the same product if it was made in the United States. I don't see that as a benefit when you figure most of the factories that made these products in the United States have closed their doors and reopened in China. A few years ago I heard about a shirt a man wore to a China trade protest. The message on the shirt read, "EVERYTHING IS MADE IN CHINA, including your future", I feel that could be very true. I hope you will take the time to read this over the fence look at China, http://www.investorsinsight.com/wwnk.aspx

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Blogger Caiaphas said...

I remember when I was a little kid in the 80's, my father wouldn't let me get a shirt from the store unless it was made in America.

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Blogger Scriptor said...

There is a site managed by a fellow blogger that often talks about China, it is called Sovereign Commentary (sovrealm.blogspot.com), it gets together a lot of the news of what happens in China, along with much other little-heard of news.

The greatest irony in today's communism is rather funny. Marx himself is probably clawing at his coffin sides right now seeing how his ideas have been warped. Communism was supposed to be a way to end the misery of poor workers. Just look at China today and tell me if that's what's happening. Hundreds of million of workers are laboring in dirty factories for dirt-level wages. For those of you who still think that communism or socialism helps workers, remember that capitalism gives you the power to protest. In communist countries you have to follow whatever the government says.

I think right now we have to take strong actions to break down the Chinese communist regime. A sad idea is that Western business might actually oppose freedom in China, as it would allow workers to strike for higher wages. We have to break through these barriers and push China to allow its citizens decent freedoms that allow them to seek a better life. Also, this can lead to Chinese corporations that are independent from the government. Once there is competition for the labor, and the workers themselves demand better conditions, we may see a revival of industry back here.

Speaking about business, have you ever read Michael Crichton's "Rising Sun"? It is about Japan, but it really opened up my eyes to how American corporations are loosing power.

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Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

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