Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Protect Your Blog Site

The Federal Election Commission could take action as early as this week that will effect political blog sites. The regulations mandated by a court order that the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act applies to the Internet. The authors of BCRA hoped you would be lulled to sleep by the silence on this issue. Don't let that happen, if your First Amendment rights are lost it will be hard or impossible for you to get them back. If we don't take action now we could lose our ability to use the Internet as a free press. In a Washington Post article Republican FEC Commissioner David M Mason said, "We are most certainly going to move from an environment in which the Internet was per se not regulated to where it is going to be regulated in some part. That shift has huge significance because it means that people who are conducting political activity on the Internet are suddenly going to have to worry about or at least be conscious of certain legal distinctions and lines they didn't used to have to worry about." At this time some are saying the regulations will be moderate, will they stay that way? Once this is in place they will want more and more control. Please join the fight to keep an unregulated Internet, by sending congress a message urging them to repeal BCRA. You can send the message by going to, http://action.downsizedc.org/wyc.php?cid=19 please take action now.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


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Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

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