Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Illegal Alien Numbers Rising

I have two articles on a very serious matter (problem) before me. The first one dated Tuesday, March 22, 2005, "U.S. Undocumented Immigrant Numbers Surge" By Michelle Morgante (Associated Press Writer) says that the tightening of homeland security since 2001 hasn't done much to slow down the flow of illegal aliens that are getting into the United States. A March 21, 2005 report shows the number of illegal aliens growing by 485,000 people a year. That number is far above the total population of the city I live in. According to the Pew Hispanic Center there were an estimated 10.3 million illegal aliens living in the United States last year, this is about a 23% increase from the 8.4 million that were here in 2000. To me this is an on going invasion and as far as I'm concerned our federal government is doing little to nothing to stop it. One of the reasons for this I would guess is because some businesses are using illegal aliens as a source of cheap labor. I would also guess that some of their profits are going to some of our legislators. In return they do all they can do to stop any legislation that would tighten our border security. From time to time you will hear about a large company getting caught up in a legal issue involving the hiring of illegal aliens. When this happens contact the manager of the store in your area, tell the manager that you will not be doing business there until you hear that the company policy has changed and they are no longer hiring illegal aliens, anywhere, not just in your area.

The second article, " U. S. needs to watch extremists, Fox says" By Chris Hawley tells about some of Mexican President Vicente Fox's views of our immigration policy. Fox says there appears to be an anti-immigrant sentiment growing in the United States. I don't feel I'm anti-immigrant, I'm anti-illegal alien. To me an immigrant is someone that gets all the legal paper work done, enters the country and applies for citizenship, I admire them, they are seeking a better life for themselves and their families . An illegal alien sneaks across our border or uses fraudulent paper work to enter the country. I am concerned about what their reasons for entering the country might be. Fox said he has urged United States officials to act quickly to control the actions of groups such as the Minute Man Project. The Minute Man Project is a group of United States citizens that are willing to volunteer to do what our federal government can't or won't do, secure the Mexico-Arizona border. You can learn more about the Minute Man Project at, http://www.minutemanproject.com . Fox is also opposed to a wall along the border and has criticized the construction of a new triple fence that has been planned for the San Diego area. Isn't that strange, every thing I have read on the subject in the past tells me that Mexico's southern border is very secure.

Both of the articles tell about the meetings President's Bush and Fox will be having this week. I'm sure they will discuss expanding NAFTA, we can kiss some more jobs good bye if that happens. Fox will tell Bush everything that he sees that is wrong about the United States immigration problem, and I'm afraid George will agree with him. I have a feeling that if Fox had his way the only thing that would be checked at the border would be United States citizens. Are we sure that terrorist organizations haven't set up cells in Mexico? We know that illegal aliens from Mexico cross the border daily. What would stop a terrorist from doing the same once they entered Mexico? It hasn't been to long ago that Bush went to Russia to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. While he was there Bush made some comments on foreign policy and human rights issues in Russia. The people of Russia were quick to respond, they pointed out the fact that Bush had not been elected president in Russia and suggested he return to the United States. Why don't we see this in the United States? Why should Fox the president of Mexico have any say in our immigration policy? Maybe we could learn a little from the citizens of Russia.

I'm sure some of you have congress members that claim to support the American worker. If yours does contact him or her and urge them to oppose any amnesty for illegal aliens deals that Bush and Fox cook up during their meeting this week. You might point out that every illegal alien that receives amnesty cost United States citizens at least one job. I think all of our members of congress say they want to protect us from terrorism. Contact them, tell them that you can not fight a war against terrorism while your borders are wide opened. Urge them to secure our borders, even if that means having them patrolled by our military. You will find an easy to use link for contacting your elected officials at, http://mygov.governmentguide.com/mygov/home/

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


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