Friday, March 18, 2005

Congressional Action Spares Terri

The court ordered removal of Terri's feeding tube has been delayed. The House Government Reform Committee has launched an investigation into the case which has been tied up in court for around ten years. The committee issued subpoenas that will prevent the removal of the feeding tube before the investigation is finished. The committee has requested Terri and her husband (if that's what you want to call him) appear at an official committee hearing on March 28th. Everyone that signed petitions or made phone calls urging their elected officials to take action to save Terri's life played a major role in getting the committee to take this action. I feel that we still have work to do. I'm sure some of you have been praying for Terri all along. Now we should start praying and asking God to help the committee members as they conduct their investigation. Pray that they will be able to make the right decision. We should also continue to pray that God will give Terri and her family the strength they need to get through this.

WorldNetDaily has published another article about this case. It provides a lot of links to help their readers understand this case if they haven't been following it before now. You can find the article at, . If that link doesn't work look for the article at,

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


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We at will pray for the soul of Terri.

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