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Friday, July 01, 2011

Missouri River Floods

I don't watch a lot of TV so I don't know if the floods along the Missouri River have made the national news or not. The Corp of Engineers have been releasing record amounts of water from dams on the Missouri up in South Dakota. Many towns down river have been evacuated. A lot of rich farm land is now under water. That could effect you when you stop into your local grocery store in the future. Two nuclear power plants in Nebraska are now islands. Gov. Jay Nixon has made arrangements to get some federal tax dollars to help us here in Missouri ( Continue Reading ). We've been told that this will be worse than the flood of 1993. In 1993 things were pretty much back to normal in a couple of weeks. This time we are told it could be late August or early September before the water recedes.

A lot of folks here in Missouri feel this was an act of stupidity instead of an act of God. South Dakota gets a lot of money from recreational boaters and fishermen. The Corp of Engineers cuts the river flow back to make them happy. When the spring snow melt and rains come along and reservoirs become dangerously high the flow is cranked up. It seems like they give little or no thought to what effect this will have on the folks that live and work down river.

If you'd like to keep up with whats going on along the Missouri at least two news papers have added Flood of 2011 news categories to their on-line sites. Check out, the St. Joseph News-Press or the Sioux City Journal I would assume other papers have done the same.

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