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I got an e-mail from JEWS FOR THE PRESERVATION OF FIREARMS OWNERSHIP (JPFO) today that I thought was pretty interesting. It suggest that you prison proof yourself. I'm sure most folks would say they are not violating any laws so they don't have to worry about being sent to prison.Good, I hope your not, but are you sure that someone couldn't set you up and send you down? I'm thinking it has happened to some law abiding folks in the past. Just suppose the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, (BATFE) accused you of having an illegal unregistered machine gun, could you prove them wrong? JPFO has an idea that might help you do that, and it will give you a reason for spending a little time out at the shooting range.


America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization

July 28th 2008


A Message from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

"Prison-Proof" Yourself Now, While You Still Can!
Copyright 2008 JPFO.ORG.

Do you shoot at a public range?

Can your neighbors and others _hear_ you shooting?

If so, then you _must_ read this alert and take action today!

By now you will have heard about David Olofson, who loaned his
semiautomatic AR15 rifle to an unsavory character working with the
federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, a
runaway rogue agency the very existence of which is a violation of
the Constitution.

The BATFE claimed the rifle was "an unregistered machine gun" --
after they _engineered_ it to fire fully automatically, using their
choice of specially-selected ammunition, not the owner's. Now
Olofson is sitting in a prison cell because these government
subsidized criminals were free to use their own specialized
"justice system" to "make an example" of one innocent gun owner in
order to terrorize many more.

Now they're claiming that _any_ gun that is worn or broken and
will fire more than one cartridge with a single pull of the trigger
-- even a damaged side-by-side or over-under shotgun -- constitutes
a "machinegun".

Those of you who have viewed JPFO's video presentation, _BATFE
Fails the Test_ already know the dirty tricks and outright lies
that the agency routinely uses to make a conviction. John Glover,
another innocent gun owner, was fortunate to have a brilliant
attorney who demanded the BATFE's "testing" of his client's firearm
be videotaped. The result was a thoroughly embarrassing documentary
of the BATFE's dishonesty and incompetence. After it was viewed by
a federal prosecutor, the case against Glover never went to trial;
the BATFE lost.

Olofson, on the other hand, had only a federal public defender
to rely on, not knowledgeable counsel who insisted on a visual
recording of the defendant's rifle operating _before_ the BATFE
could reengineer it. The Liberty Crew at JPFO do not want their
friends to go to prison, so they've done a little engineering of
their own, creating a plan you can follow to help prevent the BATFE
from making you its next victim.

Here is what you need to do -- at minimum -- today!

Purchase, borrow, or rent a video camera and make a recording of
the operation of each weapon you own that might be reengineered to
fire more than once with a single pull of the trigger. You probably
don't need to worry about single-shot shotguns, rifles, or pistols.
Slide-action or bolt-action rifles and shotguns are probably okay,
as well.

Start by calling out the date, time, place of the test.

Call out serial number, model, and manufacturer, and show the
weapon to camera.

Show the labels of any ammunition you use; call out the maker's

Then demonstrate the weapon firing.

Demonstrate its operation at every possible setting of the
safety selector, marked or otherwise. If you only have "safe" or
"fire", show that the weapon will not go to any "unmarked
position". CETMEs, H&Ks, FN-FALs, or others may have a marked "A"
position. Demonstrate that it allows nothing more than a single
shot fired for each pull of the trigger.

Never forget that the BATFE is claiming that _any_ gun -- even
your great-granddad's ancient double-barrelled Damascus shotgun --
that will fire twice or more with a single trigger-pull is a

After videotaping the test, make copies for trusted friends and
family members, give one to your attorney, mail a copy to yourself.
Do not open the envelope, but keep it in a very secure space
outside your home.

Yes, whatever ammunition you use testing your firearm for the
video camera will cost you money, but it's cheaper than having to
sell your gun collection, or remortgaging your house, to pay legal
bills, and it could stop a federal prosecutor -- or the BATFE -- in
its tracks.

If, on the other hand, this whole routine -- or the necessity
for it -- strikes you as silly or insane, there's something else
you can do.

Join JPFO today.

Learn more about the BATFE by watching the JPFO video _The
, a presentation
that exposes the criminality and brutality of this dangerous
runaway rogue agency.

Listen to firearms expert Len Savage on JPFO's "Talkin to America", discuss
how David Olofson was framed and how this endangers every American
gun owner.

Best of all, help the Liberty Crew end this sorry state of
affairs once and for all by abolishing the BATFE, and by repealing,
nullifying or otherwise disposing of each and every gun law,
federal, state, or local, that infringes upon the right of the
people to keep and bear arms.

The Liberty Crew"


There is something else. Suppose the BATFE never comes after you (I pray they don't) if you followed JPFO's suggestion you now have a video showing you with your legally owned firearms calling out the weapons serial and model numbers. This could be useful if you are ever the victim of theft or fire.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

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