Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hope's For 2010

The GOP is hoping the revolt over Obamacare will gain the party some votes in 2010, "But the conservative mobilization has also created an unusual dilemma for Republican leaders, who want to turn the enthusiasm into election victories next year but find themselves the target of ire from many of the same activists." (Continue reading) All one has to do to see that the folks back home are angry at both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party for good reason. Once again I have to say that could be good news for the Constitution Party, "The CP is the third largest political party in terms of voter registration. There are 367,000 registered Constitution Party voters. (This number does not take into account the many states which do not tally voter registrations by party. In addition, thousands of voters registered with other parties have chosen to vote for Constitution Party candidates at the national, state and local levels.)" (Continue reading) I hope the battles over Obamacare, Bailouts and Immigration reform will help the Constitution Party grow even more between now and the 2010 elections. I feel putting CP candidates in office would bring about the change that folks voted for and didn't get last year.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

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One of the benefits of Obamacare if the Businesses with more than 50 employees must offer health insurance. They receive tax credits to help with the costs. One disadvantage is Starting in 2013, families can deduct medical expenses that exceed 10 percent of income.

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