Monday, March 09, 2009

War Clouds On The Horizon?

Looking for work and some other family issues are still taking a lot of time that I would normally use to post messages here. Sometimes it's even hard to keep up with whats going on with the rest of the world but I read something today that got my attention.

I feel I'm pretty safe in saying everyone knows North Korea has announced it's plan to launch a satellite and that Japan and the United States feel the launch could actually be a long range missile test. North Korea has issued a statement saying that any attempt to shoot their satellite (If that's what it is) down will result in war (Continue Reading).

Any time that I hear about something like this happening in the Asia/Pacific region I find myself wondering what way will China lean if the situation escalates. I feel that the news of Chinese naval vessels harassing the USNS Impeccable should answer that question (Continue Reading).

Now I'm thinking that I recall (I could be mistaken) Joe Biden making a statement about Obama being tested by a foreign power in the first few months of his presidency. If this is that test it is one that we can not afford to fail.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Thanks go to:
BBC News


Blogger Z said...

It's pretty amazing, isn't it?
Our economy's fallen apart, our left is gloating with how we're in worst shape than anyone ever thought we would be, and the world hears it.
I think the obama people took a big risk in making things seem even worse just to get their socialist dreams answered...
Now we have countries figuring America's done and they can finally hurt us badly.

Good work, obama..and all you voters who thought you'd found THE ANSWER. Sadly, it's our enemies who have had their answer and their dream met.

yet, I feel calm. maybe it's that peace "that surpasses understanding"...I can't imagine what ELSE it is.

Good luck with the job hunt, David..i'll be praying something comes up fast.

3:45 PM  
Blogger AI said...

I'm not sure that they have set out to test Obama but regardless a test it remains. I will watch closely, benign economy or not, American military might remains more that sufficient to handle any potential threats of this nature. Of greater interest is how the administration responds ...

3:27 AM  

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