Sunday, February 11, 2007

Can You Help?

No, that title is not the Question Of The Week, (you'll find that below this post) it is a request for help that was e-mailed to me by Chuck and Mary Schantag of the P.O.W. NETWORK this morning.

"Please help!>>The Sagamore Hills, OH Police Department is a 20 man department and is >unique in the fact that our cruisers have a prominent pow-mia logo on the >rear fenders. The officers are proud of this logo, which has been on the >cars since they were redesigned in 2003 by then-chief Rudy Prhne.>>Rudy retired in December of 2006, and we now have a temporary "interim >cheif" who was brought in to serve while the town leaders chose a new >permanent chief, which is expected to take about 3 months. (end of march)>>THe intermin cheif, Walt Markowski, has ordered the POW-MIA logos removed >from our fleet. When asked why he responded "they dont belong there".>>Can a group like yours PLEASE make some phone calls to stop this?>>Sagamore Hills Police Department 330-468-0900>Sagamore Hills Township Offices 330-467-0900>"

How politically correct can you get? Don't do anything to offend someone. Like try to get the public to remember members of our military that were taken prisoner or went missing in action. I've never been to Sagamore Hills but I'd be willing to bet that the police officers there were the black uniforms that are so popular with the globalist. I wonder were the interim chief feels it is OK to display the POW/MIA logo? I hope you can call one of those numbers and urge the township officials to leave the logo on their police cars.

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