Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What Is Lacking?

I was just reading an article about the agricultural guest-worker bill that I have a feeling will be passed and signed soon."Feinstein, too, once voiced sharp concerns over an agricultural guest-worker program. She warned in April 2005 that such a program could become a "magnet for illegal immigration" that could have a "detrimental effect on our society."

Since then, Feinstein worked with California farm groups to craft the latest package.

"The need for this bill is stark and it's immediate," Feinstein said Tuesday, citing farmer complaints about the lack of workers." I'm sure supporters of the bill will tell you the illegal aliens only take the jobs United States citizens won't do. That's why the Swift meat packing plants that were raided by ICE were swamped with job applications filed out by legal United States citizens a day or two after the raids. Help me out here if you can. Is the problem (what is it that is lacking?) a "lack of workers" or a lack of Legal citizens that are willing to work for slave wages?

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

Yes, it's hard to believe that if the farms offered a decent wage they wouldn't be able to find workers...of course that would raise the price of food. But since most Americans only pay 10 percent of their income for food, and most of us eat too much, that wouldn't be so would cause problems with competition with food from Third World countries, but that's why we need Fair Trade not Free Trade...and furthermore people need to be encouraged to buy locally to cut down on the transportation that increases global warming(and decreases food quality since food deteriorates during transportation).

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