Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Doctor Claims Castro Has No Cancer

A December 26, 2006 NewsMax.com article says,

Doctor Claims Castro Has No Cancer

The Spanish surgeon treating Fidel Castro on Tuesday said the ailing Cuban leader does not have cancer and is recovering slowly from a serious operation. Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Sabrido flew to Havana last Thursday to see the Cuban leader and determine how his treatment was progressing.

Castro, 80, has not appeared in public since undergoing emergency intestinal surgery in July, but has since released little information on his condition. Castro placed his younger brother, Raul, in charge of the government.

"He hasn't got cancer" Garcia Sabrido said at Madrid's Gregorio Maranon Hospital, where he is chief surgeon.

"It is not planned that he will undergo another operation for the moment," he said. "His condition is stable. He is recovering from a very serious operation."

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I think where is Fidel Castro(?) could turn out to be one of the unanswered questions of 2006. My wife feels he passed away months ago and that Raul and the rest of the powers that be in Cuba are afraid that the people will revolt and overthrow the government when they get the news officially saying Fidel is no longer with them. I'm not going that far out on the limb myself. I'm just going to say we should be keeping a close eye on news from Cuba. Something is about to happen.

Thanks go to NewsMax.com

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