Friday, February 24, 2006

Opposed To The Port Sell-Off Deal?

If you are opposed to the Port Sell-Off Deal, which I am, I'm afraid this could turn out to be a modern day Trojan Horse, there is something you can do. Please read this message from Public Citizen and take the time to sign their on line petition.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


Blogger dag said...

David, I'm happy to meet you. Indeed we are serious about restoring our nations to their original foundations, those being settled on concepts of right and wrong, morality and immorality, law and illegality, work and failure, life and death. We seem to have drifted so far from the nature of our project that I for one cannot recognize my own country, and what I see is too disturbing to contemplate without anger.

But, once the anger settles I feel a need to work to make right that which is wrong. And I'm certainly not the only one. People rond the world are sickened by the moral collapse of our societies. We are disgusted and frightened by the rampage of Islam unchecked.

We're sick of the lies from our politicians, our educators, our media, our clergy. So, rather than stew in our own froth we meet to join others like ourselves to make our vioces heard and to make our presence known to all.

Our moral and intellectual leaders lie to us and treat us with contempt. It might not be as bad in some parts as in others, but in all place it should be improved. We, people who live and work and make our nations, are now demanding that our leaders stop lying to us, that they stop treating us like farm animals. The situation in Europe is so severe that there wil be civil war. It is nowhere near that point in America, but it will come if we don't stop the rot that seeps in as Muslims continue to gain unwarranted power, a power they gain from intimidation of our publics, from threats of violence, from terrorizing our populations with accusations of racism and islamophobia and other made-up nonsense that only has impact and effect if we allow it to.

We are saying we've had enough. We meet weekly, and if all we do is meet and have cup of coffee we at least know that we are not alone in our disgust. We converse, we think aloud, we wonder. We will in time meet across the nations and across the seas, and we wil form a movement that will restore our revolutions.

Every man and every woman has a right to be free. We might not like them and the actions they take as free men and women, but we do stand with them as free men and women to ensure that if they so choose to act wrongly that they have the free choice to do so. Islam and the Left dhimmi fascists who control the public opinions of our nations are aghast that we would express ourselves in discord with their elitist utopian ideals. I say they have to go. We must take control of our nations again and restore law and morality to the realm of the people. That is not only the right of every free man, it is the duty of every free man.

We meet in public. We wear blue scarves so that if one were to enter our meeting place one would know immediately that we are free men and determined to stay so. And to say so.

Whether a free man is a New Yorker or a Frenchman or a Russian or Hindu, he is a free man. All free men are under threat today. And all free men must fight to regain and restore our freedoms and our public values.

I trample on Islam at every opportunity. I hate it. I don't, though, have any deep opinion about Muslims. If a Muslim wants to be a Muslim, it's not my business, he being free to choose it. And if he wishes to fight for freedom for all, not just for his own preverted sense of Islamic law, then I will side with him. I have never yet met that Muslim man but if he comes he is welcome.

So, our meetings are open to all. I only ask that we be commited to common Human decency, to the protection of the rights of all regardless of their opinions. those who would impose their shari'a and their politically correct socialist rubbish on us are out of bounds, and they must be pushed back into conformity with the reasonable life of free men.

I and others every where are outright sick of being shoved around by terrorists and their elitist Western handlers for the effect of some idiot socialist utopian daydream. We're fighting back. Slowly, one person at a time, we are saying our lives are our own and not the work and property of others.

We meet and we talk. We choose to do so. That makes us free. That makes us responsible. It makes me proud to meet people who do these things.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

I am totally opposed to this ports deal.

5:50 PM  
Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

The elderly residents of totally opposed this.

11:46 PM  

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