Monday, November 07, 2005

Take A Little Time

I subscribe to my United States Representative Sam Graves (R-MO) news letter STRAIGHT TALK WITH SAM. I don't always agree with him but it is a good way to keep track of what is going on with one of my elected officials in Washington D.C. I do agree with what he has to say in his most resent mailing and I'd like to share this very important message with you.

STRAIGHT TALK WITH SAM (Volume 5,Issue 45)

A Day for Veterans

Last month two mountain climbers, some 13,000 feet above sea level, came across a secret that Mount Mendel Glacier in California had been hiding for 63 years. A World War Two airman had been frozen in the glacier since his plane crashed in 1942. The National Park Service immediately took action to find out the airman's identity and give him a proper burial.

In America we have a duty to remember and care for all of those who serve this country and carried the banner of freedom. Not every soldier who serves our country participates in an epic battle. Every major victory though is made possible by hundreds of smaller, more routine missions.

In Congress, we continue to make sure our veteran's receive the care they were promised. Since I have been in Congress, funding for veterans programs has increased by 42%. We passed concurrent receipt that will benefit more than 250,000 disabled military retirees in the next ten years. More than 90% of veterans receive primary and specialty care within 30 days of their desired date.

We have made a commitment to take care of our veterans. They fought for us and now it's important to me to fight for them. In this time of war we cannot forget those who have fought for liberty's standard in the past.

This Friday we will honor all of our nation's veterans. I hope that you will pause to help remember all those that have served this country.


Sam Graves
Member of Congress

This Friday there will be parades and events to honor our Veterans in every city and town across this country. I hope you will Take A Little Time and show our Veterans that you do appreciate what they did for you by attending at least one of these events. If you have children in your family it will be the perfect time to teach them a very important lesson, Freedom Is Not Free. I pray God will continue to be with all of our Veterans this Friday and every day. Let them know they have not been forgotten. Please be with the friends and family members of the ones that didn't get to come home. Give them the strength they need to carry on without their loved ones.


God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


Blogger Chris said...

I agree.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Jake Porter said...

I heard the story he was refering to. It is very important that we show respect for veterans.

Friday I will be speaking at a veterans day event.

3:35 AM  
Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

We should respect our veterans and send them to Assisted living like to meet some new friends and to embrace their senior years.

3:52 AM  

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