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Question Of The Week, 10/02/05

Good Morning. A couple of times this past week I listened to a tape of an old Perspectives On America, Jeffrey Bennett's short wave program. I think it was originally done in late 1999 or early 2000. Jeff's subject that day was heroes. He ask who are America's heroes today? I'm going to do the same thing this morning. This weeks Question Of The Week is, (several parts again) Does America have any real heroes today? If there are any who are they? What is it that makes them a true Hero? I'll post my answer in the Comment Section Monday Night.

By the way, Jeff no longer broadcast on short wave but he has a very interesting web site, The Federal Observer, I hope you will check it out.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


Blogger Jake Porter said...

It is hard to find a true hero in todays society. The baseball players all appear to be on drugs and our politicians are corrupt (but that has always been the same).

There are a few people I would define as heroes. I think anyone that stands up for what they believe in and is prepared to fight for it.

The volunteer groups that went to help after the storms this year were true hereos.

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Blogger Always On Watch said...

On Tuesday, my composition class will receive a prompt and will have 25 minutes to write an essay. The prompt: One definiton of hero is "a person of great strength or courage." Who is the person you most admire? You may choose any person--living or dead, famous or obscure. Support your essay with specifics to explain how your choice fulfills the criteria of the above definition. I wonder what my students will say?

My heroes?
The Flight 93 passengers and crew who fought back.
The brave and selfless emergency personnel who rushed into the Twin Towers.
Donald Rumsfeld on 9/11, who tore off his coat and tie, and rushed into the attacked side of the Pentagon. I saw what he did--live on TV--and said to myself, "Who is that old man? How brave!" When I learned his identity, I was in awe. Furthermore, Rumsfeld squelched the story because he didn't feel he had done anything special.
The volunteers who went to the Gulfport region.
Though not an American, the Iraqi man who notified the coalition forces about Jessica Lynch.
Cancer patients, particularly those defined as hopeless.

I can't think of any hero presently in an elected political office. But I will say that GWB tries to do what he sees as right, without relying on popular opinion.

I believe that courage in the face of danger or in the face of difficult to impossible tasks is the main trait of a hero. I would also add perseverance and honesty. Above all, for me a hero is selfless. Heroes aren't perfect people, but they live up to an ideal of perfection in hard times or in times of crisis.

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Blogger Unadulterated Underdog said...

There are few if any true heroes in the political arena today. Most of them have gotten out of the business (people like David Boren) or been driven out (Tom Daschle was a hero on occasion). Mostly, those who remain in the political arena are powermongers of various sorts, each with varying degrees of interest in helping Americans and helping corporations for profit. The real heroes are the individuals who are succeeding in life these days despite Bush's efforts to hurt the little guy and strengthen the rich and powerful. There aren't many of these people anymore because the NeoCons have fought so hard to ensure that they can't succeed anymore but there are still a few of them around. Among these grassroots, down-home-and-common people is where we can still find heroes. In the top circles of our society and our government particularly, I see little but shadows of corruption oozing downward towards the rest of us.

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Blogger David Schantz said...

Thank you for taking the time to answer this weeks question. Your answers make me think all of you could have heard Jeffs' program about Heroes. I think we do have some heroes today, they might be harder to find than they were years ago. Always on watch, to some of your students you might be a hero. My 8th grade teacher was a retired USMC DI (21 years in service), that was back when teachers could still reach out and touch an un-ruley student. At the begining of the school year he let us know if we didn't pass his United States Constitution test he would let us take it over,the next year.I didn't think he was a hero at that time, now I feel he was the best teacher I ever had, a hero.I have a 14 year old Grand Daughter that took an interest in POW/MIA issues when she was 5 years old. When she was about 6 or 7 the Traveling Wall (a scaled down version of the Vietnam Memorial) was brought in for Skidmore, Missouri's Freedom Fest. A Veteran sitting on a bench ask if we had went over to visit the Wall.He told us he couldn't because he had to many old friends over there. Our Grand Daughter held out her hand and said "I'll go with you". He took her up on the offer. With the help of a child someone that had survived a war was able to visit his old friends that didn't make it home. I have a feeling that he thought of her as a hero that day. Because of her respect for all Veterans he was a hero to her. On Wednesday September 7, 2005 I posted a message, "Katrina Hero" about Jabbar Gibson. Jabbar survived Katrina. After New Orleans was flooded he found a school buss that had been left along side the road. He had never driven a buss in his life but he took it and used it to get other stranded survivors to safety. Some might see Jabbar as a thief. I feel he is a hero, I have a feeling his passengers would agree with me. I'm sure there are more like him, I just missed the articles about them. To me a hero is an ordinary person who see's someone in dire need of help. They go to their aid without thinking about what could happen to or whats in it for theirself. Just between you and me. If we're trying to find heroes in the world of politics I think we're going to have to stop looking to people with DEM or REP. attached to their name, but that's just my opinion.
By the way, I aced that Constitution test, without cheating. I'm not claiming to be that smart. I think I was frightened by the idea of spending another year with my old teacher. When I see him around town today I always stop to shake his hand and thank him for what he did for me while serving in the military and as a teacher.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic

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Blogger Always On Watch said...

I'm a teacher (of the politically incorrect sort and nicknamed "Drill Sergeant" as well). Does that make me a hero? LOL.

Just to tell you what my high-school students, who are homeschoolers, wrote about for their hero essays: athletes, Cicero, a parent, a grandparent, Corrie ten Boom, Ronald Reagan, 9/11 emergency personnel, GWB, Audrey Hepburn. Some of these essays are good enough to put on my blog, but I leave the decision as to "going public" up to the individual student.

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