Wednesday, June 22, 2005

For Immediate Release

I got an E-mail from Chuck and Mary Schantag at, that says, " Company Condems Teamsters Officials Calling Vietnam Vet "Baby Killer"

Canton, Mass., June 22, 2005 Northeast Electrical Distributors/Eagle Electric is calling on the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 25 to publicly apologize to Vietnam Veterans employed by the Company for using the term "baby killer" in reference to one of the Company's supervisors, a decorated Viet Nam veteran. "For Local 25 union officers to call anyone who has proudly served his country a "baby killer" has brought Local 25 to a new low," states Lou Brady, Vice President of Operations who himself served during the Viet Nam era. The Company, an electrical distributor with 17 locations in New England, is engaged in a labor dispute with infamous Teamsters Local 25. Teamsters Local 25 is the same union local that was under federal investigation for several years for shaking down movie producers in the Boston area, as well as allegedly having a woman beaten for refusing to turn her concession stand over to the Teamsters. Amid union strike threats, Company locked out 30 drivers. On June 1st, after Local 25 officials threatened to call the Company's 30 unionized drivers out on strike, the company was forced to lock out it's drivers to protect its customer service and the livelihoods of the Company's 345 other employees. Immediately following the lock out, working employees, customers, and vendors were besieged with threats, physical intimidation, and vulgar name calling by union picketers and officers of the Teamsters Local 25. Teamsters call Vietnam Vet "Baby Killer" On Friday, June 3, 2005, Teamster officers and picketers began calling one of the Company's supervisors "baby killer" from the picket line. Upon being called this derogatory term, the supervisor (a man who proudly served his country during the Viet Nam War) took an immediate leave of absence. Upon leaving, the supervisor went home, donned his old military uniform, gathered two family members, his American and Marine Corps flags, and returned to confront the union officers and picketers with his patriotism. "Although we shouldn't be surprised by anything this local does," stated Brady, "to denigrate those of us who served our country during the Viet Nam War is unconscionable. Many of us lost good friends and many of us still carry scars physical and emotional from that war." Company asks for help in denouncing Teamsters' use of the term "Baby Killer" "We are not asking for anyone to choose sides in this labor dispute," states Lou Brady. "However, we are asking for our military brethren to either call or write a letter to the Teamsters Local 25 leadership and demand a public apology for disparaging our men and women who proudly served during Viet Nam." Please demand a public apology by faxing or writing to:
ATTN: Ritchie Reardon, President
Teamsters Union Local 25
544 Main Street
Boston, Ma 02129

Local 25 Fax number: 617-242-4284 ".

I don't think it should matter if we were ever in the military or if we are union or non-union. We should be able to see that the actions taken by Local 25 members are disrespectful to the United States Military as a whole. Please take the time to contact Mr. Reardon and let him know that you feel he and his local members owe our Veterans an apology.

The United States is now involved in another unpopular war. I hope that the citizens of the United States have grown up some since Vietnam. When the men and women now serving in our military return home I pray they will be shown the respect they deserve.

If you are interested in POW/MIA or Veterans issues please visit the site hosted by Chuck and Mary Schantag,

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


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re. Russians with stories about Americans. If you read my little story... my guess is there is ONE Russian floor cleaner with one heck of a story about us.... on his weblog. Not to mention, some poor woman who once worked in the Embassy in Bulgaria. She probably has a story, too.


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Blogger Nariel said...

Hey David.. go take a look at my blog today.. LOL.. i was banned if you can believe it from another blog!!! ROFL.. go take a look click the links and see what you think.. :0)

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Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

This was an emotional reaction to the May Lai Massacre of 1968.

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