Saturday, May 14, 2011

Obama Has Changed His Position

We've all heard Obama gave the order for the Navy Seals to take out the worlds best known terrorist,Osama Bin Laden. That sure gave Obama's approval ratting a much needed boost. I'm sure all of us could find someone that would be willing to argue about when, where and how Bin Laden died. Some might even say he is not dead at all. If Bin Laden isn't dead why would Obama say he is? I'm sure these debates will continue for quite some time even after Bin Laden's death is no longer headline news. I have a feeling that most folks would get a great feeling of relief knowing he was dead no matter how he died.

The headlines that jumped out and smacked me this morning were,Under pressure on gas prices,Obama shifts on domestic drilling,and,Cheers, jeers for Obama’s drilling push. Drill baby drill, Obama's bringing the gas prices down! That sounds a lot better than that mileage tax Obama was supporting earlier this week. I wouldn't count on those lower gas prices just yet. I have a strange feeling that by the time the Interior Department testing is all over and done with ( God only knows how long that could take) there will be a lot of new reasons (to go along with the old ones) for not drilling. Who knows, by the time the test results are in, and studied carefully Obama could be into his second term. Being the man that did Osama in and getting us headed towards lower gas prices is sure to get him re-elected. I'm afraid he still has a lot to do to get my vote.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Thanks go to, The Hill


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