Friday, May 23, 2008

RICHARD L. GOFORTH, 6th Div. S2/C, KIA 06/19/44

I want to wish everyone of you a Safe And Happy Memorial Day Weekend. I want to thank any of you that have ever served or are now serving in the United States Military.

I'm sure all of you know the meaning of Memorial Day. One of my Uncles, Richard Goforth was Killed In Action on June 19,1944 while serving on the USS South Dakota. The family of one of the ships crew members set up a site IN MEMORY OF THE USS SOUTH DAKOTA AND HER CREW. Thanks to the site I've gotten a chance to meet some of my Uncles crew mates. I never got the chance to meet him. His crew mates have made it seem like I really knew him. A photo of, RICHARD L. GOFORTH,6th Div. S2/C, KIA 06/19/44 can be found on page 3 of the photo pages. Rest In Peace Uncle Richard.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Thanks go to;
Military .com
The Crew Of Thee USS South Dakota & Everyone involved with the site


Blogger Z said...

What an AMAZING Memorial Day tribute. Your Uncle Richard's face represents so many young men and women and it's so hard to see his face and think he died so young.
I'm so sorry for your family; I'm sure he'd have been so pleased with this tribute. I can only imagine how his mother would feel, poor woman.
Thanks for posting this, it really touched me very deeply.
Happy Memorial Day... z

3:46 PM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Your Uncle Richard was an American patriot who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

None of my ancestors died in a war, although my Uncle Bill and Uncle Walter were disabled for life as the result of wounds they sustained in WWI. I never knew my Uncle Walter, but Uncle Bill was my surrogate grandfather. I still miss him -- almost 50 years after he went home to the Lord.

6:54 AM  
Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

The people living at will pray your Uncle Richard souls.

9:41 PM  

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