Monday, September 11, 2006

Remember September 11, 2001

I thought you might be interested in seeing some links that will help you remember the events that took place on September 11, 2001. Lets say a prayer for and never forget those that lost their lives on the day that many say changed life as we knew it in the United States.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

To be honest, David, I'm not going to look at those links, because I remember Sept. 11 quite clearly, having been here in NYC, and it is just re-traumatizing to keep getting bombarded with those photos over and over again.

1:38 PM  
Blogger American Crusader said...

To also be honest...I've had about all I can take of this pity-fest.
Let's get on with the task of hunting down and killing these animals.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

I'm starting to cry when i see this...

God Bless America!

7:38 PM  

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