Saturday, June 24, 2006

St. Joe. Soldier Killed In Combat

I got up this morning and started my morning chores, feed and watered the cats, took the pup that spends her nights indoors out to the dog run and made sure the dogs had food and water. I figured I might as well bring in the paper while I was out there. A front page St. Joseph News-Press article tells that Saint Joseph, Missouri has lost it's second Son/Husband/Father to the War On Terrorism.


St. Joe soldier killed in combat
Brian Bradbury dies in Afghanistan

Alyson Raletz
Public Safety Reporter

The mother of a U.S. soldier who died Wednesday in Afghanistan hung his picture on the front door of her South Side home Friday.

Smiling back was the image of a 22-year-old who, along with his wife and two children, left St. Joseph in November for a new life with the U.S. Army at Fort Drum, N.Y.

Pfc. Brian Bradbury's dream of a fresh start was cut short Wednesday after he faced enemy forces using small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades during combat operations in Naray, Afghanistan, according to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Staff Sgt. Heathe N. Craig, 28, of Maryland, died while trying to evacuate Mr. Bradbury, as the hoist on his UH-60 helicopter malfunctioned.

Rhonda Bradbury said Army officials informed her Wednesday night that her son's arm had been severed during combat. While being lifted, the cable broke and he fell 30 feet.

The incident is under investigation.

"I can't tell you he was a kid that wanted to join the Army," she said. "I don't want people to think he was a die-hard-military-kill-em-up guy."

But she acknowledged the Army transformed her shy son from a boy--who had a rocky start as a husband in St. Joseph--into a good father and a confident man.

Mr. Bradbury, the second St. Joseph soldier to attend Benton High School who has died in the war on terror, graduated from a St. Joseph Adult Education and Literacy program in 2004. Spc. Eddie Myers, also of the South Side, died in July 2005.

Mr. Bradbury and his wife, Jessica Petty, married in 2004 and rented an apartment on South 12th Street. There they raised their daughter, Jasmine Renee, now 3 and Jailynn, now 1, was on the way.

"they were good kids. They had a lot of problems, but he had a new family to take care of, and it was stressful for him," said Donna Sanchez, who lived in an apartment upstairs.

He worked at SST, but his mother remembers him complaining that the job bored him.

So the couple put their hopes in his new career in the Army.

He graduated from basic combat military training at Fort Sill in Lawton, Okla. in the fall of 2005. He and his wife became regular members of Word of Life Church before moving to New York in November.

"It gave him a purpose," said Jason Strickland, a family friend. "He was finally devoted to something."

His friend Chelsea Richman, added, "He even walked different."

By Jan. 12, he left for his overseas mission, while his wife and children stayed in New York.

"They were so excited. They were going to New York--the Big Apple," Mrs. Bradbury said. "I looked at this as a new beginning for them....I was so proud of him."

She said his wife last heard from him on Father's Day, when he expressed plans to re-enlist when his current commitment was completed under the stipulation he would be stationed in Fort Leavenworth, Kan., so he could be close to family in St. Joseph.

Now the family is planning arrangements for his funeral, which haven't yet been determined. His wife and children are expected to return to St. Joseph next week for services.

The Associte Press

contributed to this story.


You know, those morning chores just don't seem to be much of anything right now. I pray God will be with the Bradbury family during their time of mourning and Pfc. Brian Bradbury will Rest In Peace.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


Anonymous And Another Thing said...

David: Thank you for bringing this information beyond your local area. There is a sad man in North Carolina tonight. May God Bless this man's family and bring them comfort.

I have a friend performing medical work in Afghanistan right now. His life depends upon those like Mr. Bradbury, and others like him.

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie Bradbury said...

Brian is my husband. I just wanted to thank you for putting this in your blog you could of choice anything to write about and you choose to write about him. You are giving him the honor he deserves. People like you will keep Brian alive. Thank you so much. From a fallen soldiers wife.

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Doc from Lanesville, Indiana, a Charter Member of the Iron Order MC - Today I have the honor to ride with the local Iron Order Chapter here in the Kansas City Area to present a Battlefield Cross to the family of PFC Brian Bradbury in St. Joseph. The honor is mine.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Continuation of my morning post - what a great honor today to ride on this mission and meet Stephanie and her daughters. God Bless You - Dr. Stephen R. Folickman, aka Doc, Iron Order MC - southern Indiana

5:26 PM  
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Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

Thank you Brian Bradbury for serving our Country. We're gonna pray for your soul.


2:21 AM  

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