Saturday, September 03, 2005

Freedom Fest

I got an e-mail today that contains a poem, I'd read it before. It's one of those that your ask to pass on to your friends. This one has been around for a while, there is a March, 2003 date with the author of the poems name. The poem seems to take on a little more meaning right now. Maybe its because we will be going to Skidmore, Missouri's Freedom Fest next week. It's an annual event that we attend every year to honor the Veterans of all of the wars we have ever been involved in. It's something I wish everyone of you could attend. Since the fourth anniversary of the World Trade Center attack will be next Sunday I'm sure some time will be set aside to remember it's victims. Since Hurricane Katrina seems to be the top news story at this time I'm sure that some of the speakers at this years Freedom Fest will take the time to offer a public prayer for it's victims. Back to that e-mail. I would like to share the poem with you just in case you have never seen it.

We all came together,
Both young and old
To fight for freedom,
To stand and be bold.

In the midst of all evil,
We stand our ground,
And we protect our country
From all terror around.

Peace and not war,
Is what some people say,
But I'll give my life,
So you can live the American way.

I give you the right
To talk of peace.
To stand in your groups
and protest in our streets.

But still I fight on,
I don't bitch, I don't whine.
I'm just one of the people
Who is doing your time.

I'm harder than nails,
Stronger than any machine.
I'm the immortal soldier,
I'm a U.S. MARINE!

So stand in my shoes,
And leave from your home.
Fight for the people who hate you,
With the protest they've shown.

Fight for the stranger,
Fight for the young.
So they all may have,
The greatest freedom you've won.

Fight for the sick,
Fight for the poor
Fight for the cripple,
Who lives next door.

But when your time comes,
Do what I've done.
For if you stand up for freedom,
You'll stand when the fight's done.

By: Corporal Aaron M. Gilbert, US Marine Corps


March 23, 2003

I don't know if Corporal Gilbert made it home safely or not, I pray that he did. I hope that each of you will take every chance you get to thank a United States Veteran.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


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