Friday, February 25, 2005

Miniscule Fee

I recently read a U. S. Newswire article that told about an attack that was made on the National Rifle Association by the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence. It said the NRA is in a dither over a Bush administration recommendation to put a two cent per pound user fee (Tax) on explosives. This could include gunpowder and ammunition. I guess I'd have to agree, two cents per pound isn't much money. The problem I have with this is once a tax is put in place very seldom will you see it decrease or be removed. As a rule you will see the tax on any given item increase year after year. The next time your filling your tank with gas notice how much of the total cost is for tax. This idea of a user fee (Tax) on explosives reminded me of something a friend and I were talking about some time ago. Some of our legislators have learned that supporting more gun control laws can cost you your job. So, how do you disarm America? By making ammunition unaffordable by placing a high tax on it. If this two cent tax is put on explosives it will increase every year. You can read the article at, .

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


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