Saturday, February 19, 2005

Firearms and The Mainstream Media

I just read another Associated Press article about a work place shooting. Those are easy to find, anytime there is a work place shooting it seems like the Associated Press wants to be sure they are the first to report it. This one took place in Taylor, Michigan, at a paper company. After a man was fired he went to his car and got a gun. He fired a shot wounding the supervisor that fired him. He also shot and killed a woman that tried to intervene. He was then tackled and held by other employees until police arrived.

There are other cases in which firearms are used in the United States every day, but as a rule you won't read about at the Associated Press web site. You can find them at places like . Click on any of the publications listed at the site, then click on Armed Citizen. These are news paper articles about citizens that legally use firearms to protect themselves, their families or their property. You can also go to, . This site is updated constantly. It tracks the number of crimes committed in the United States. It also shows you the number of times a firearm is used for defensive use. Something I doubt you'll ever see at an AP site.

We know there are a number of organizations that would like to see more gun control, or a total gun ban. Do you suppose the news media could be trying to help them achieve their goals?

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


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Why Americans can't agree on gun control?

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