Monday, June 11, 2007

It Ain't Over

I've got a couple of e-mail messages over the past couple of days to remind me, the amnesty deal ain't dead yet. You might have seen them.

Dear supporters:

Our friend and coalition partner Roy Beck at NumbersUSA sent out the
following alert just a few minutes ago:

"Pres. Bush will meet personally with Republican Senators on Tuesday to
implore them to change their votes from last Thursday and support the
Bush/Kennedy S. 1348 Comprehensive Amnesty Bill in a possible re-vote.

This will be perhaps the most dangerous moment for us this summer.

Please ... PHONE your GOP Senators, plus last week's anti-amnesty
Democratic Senators at:

202-224-3121 (ask for the Senator by name). [Note to Friends of WNAF: We
have direct dial phone and fax numbers on our website.

The pro-amnesty forces have worked diligently all weekend to overturn the
Senate's rejection on Thursday of the Bush/Kennedy Comprehensive Amnesty

Bush Administration officials are saying that the President will throw all
of his influence this week into persuading the 38 GOP Senators who voted
against amnesty last week that they were wrong.

Senate Democratic leaders are waiting to see if the President can twist
enough Republican arms before deciding whether to bring the S. 1348
amnesty back up for amendments and a final vote.

. ACTION 1: Phone the Republican Senators in your state and urge them to
stand firm against the President's entreaties on Tuesday.

. ACTION 2: If your state has a Democratic or Independent Senator who
voted NO on S. 1348 last week, phone them to resist any effort to persuade
them to help Pres. Bush achieve his top domestic goal.

. ACTION 3: For those of you who do NOT have a Senator in those first two
groups, I urge you to look for one or two of the smaller states that are
in your region of the country that do have Senators in those first two
groups, and call them.

Pres. Bush said this weekend that he understands that a lot of Americans
and Senators have trouble with a deal that allows legalization of 12-20
million illegal aliens in exchange for heavy-duty enforcement in the

He says he understands that many Americans don't trust that the Federal
government will live up to the enforcement end of the bargain because of
past failure to do so.

But Pres. Bush says he will go to Capitol Hill Tuesday, look the
Republicans in the eye and assure them that they can trust him to see that
all enforcement happens.

There is something terribly strange about his whole argument.

It is as if the President who has refused to enforce most immigration laws
the last six years is somebody other than himself.

In addition, Pres. Bush appears to be saying, "You can trust me to enforce
the law if you approve the amnesty" but he is suggesting that without
passing the amnesty the illegal immigration problem is going to grow far
worse because the President won't be enforcing the law!""

There's more .. to see the entire message, go to NumbersUSA's website.


I agree, President Bush is going to offer all kinds of deals to the senators that opposed the amnesty plan in hope's of getting them on his amnesty team. That's the way the good ole boy network works. I hope you'll contact your senators that voted the right way (NO), thank them for representing you. Urge them to stand firm when Bush puts the pressure on.

Thanks go to:
We Need A Fence

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


Blogger Always On Watch said...

I furious with Bush over this!

6:14 AM  
Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

Amnesty is where Republican careers go to die.

5:01 AM  

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