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City Life

A few times I've told people that if I wasn't married I'd live a little different than my Wife and I do. I wouldn't need a house with pictures and stuff on the walls. I'd be happy with a Quonset hut out on the edge of the woods. If I wanted it to be real nice I'd hook up electricity, plumbing and have it heated. Nothing fancy, something that looks like a farmers out building. Of course I've been ask why I'd want to live like that. Check out this December 7, 2006 St. Joseph News-Press article By Aaron Bailey to see why.

Armed robbers invade house, snatch Xbox 360

Aaron Bailey

A group of people burst into an East St. Joseph home early Wednesday and tied up two people at gunpoint before taking a video game console.

It wasn't the PlayStation 3 console, which spawned sporadic violence across the nation when it was released last month, that invoked the group - rather the Xbox 360 console, which has been on the market for more than a year.

"Maybe that's all they could find that interested them," said St. Joseph Police Cmdr. Jim Connors about the peculiar home invasion and armed robbery. "It's unusual."

Police say a 20-year-old male and his 25-year-old girlfriend were awake in their house in the 3500 block of South Leonard Road when they heard a loud noise around 3 a.m. The man asked "What was that?" before an undetermined number of men and possibly some women rushed into the house.

Mr. Connors said the victims believed the group to be black, but were unable to tell exactly how many people there were. Some members of the group were allegedly armed with guns, the victims told police. The group then took the victims into the bedroom of the house where they were tied up with zip ties.

Mr. Connors said the victims waited for about five minutes until they couldn't hear the group going through the house. The male victim was then able to locate a knife and cut his hands loose and free the pair from the bindings before calling police. No one was injured.

The house is isolated and located in a large industrial area just east of Interstate 29.

The only items that were reported to police as stolen were the Xbox 360 and some games. Mr. Connors declined to say how many games since that information is sensitive to the investigation.

The Xbox 360 was released last year to large lines and bloated prices on auction Web sites like eBay. But the system is now available at almost any electronics store, and the price has dropped to about $300.

Last month, the release of the PlayStation 3 console was met with shortages, stampedes and unruly crowds. A Connecticut man was even shot by armed robbers after purchasing the PlayStation 3 and refusing to give it up.

But the motivation seems a little less clear in Wednesday's armed burglary in St. Joseph. Police have interviewed both victims, but still have a murky picture of the crime, Mr. Connors said.

Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed something in the area around 3 to 3:30 a.m., or anyone who has any information, to call the TIPS Hotline at 238-TIPS

A Quonset hut in the woods just seems more civilized than life in the city to me.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Well, I'm not sure how to say this David...but St. Joseph doesn't count as "the city" to me! (To be honest, I never even heard of St. Joseph before your blog).

I feel safer in my New York City apartment than anywhere I've ever been, because 1. We have a 24hr doorman; 2. It's never really nighttime in Manhattan; 3. I live on the 4th floor. There's a terrace on the second floor (which means I could jump in case of a fire) but it's surrounded by razor wire, and 4. I know all my neighbors in the building.

When I lived in Southern Maryland, I was constantly afraid of people breaking into the house because there were so many doors and windows. I ended up sealing the ground floor windows and doing a bunch of other things for security. It didn't help that I covered the police beat for the local newspaper and knew exactly what type of crimes were being committed on a regular basis...which were just as bad as the crimes committed in New York City.

4:03 PM  
Blogger David Schantz said...

I've lived in and worked in larger cities and wasn't at all impressed with what I saw. Large numbers of people that count on strangers to take care of/protect them. Just in case you didn't know, since you'd never heard of Saint Joseph. It was the Eastern headquarters (Birth Place Of)of the Pony Express and the place that the infamous Jesse James was shot in the back by one of his own gang members.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic

11:38 AM  
Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

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