Thursday, July 27, 2006

Time For An Increase

I just contacted my elected officials to urge them to support a minimum wage increase. My decision didn't have anything to do with me being a union member. Which I am, but a good deal of the time I don't agree with the union stand on political issues or the candidates it supports. It didn't have anything to do with me supporting the Democratic Party. I don't, in fact I feel the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are just two branches of the same party. I did it because I feel it's long over due. It's time to stop forcing low paid United States citizens to hold two jobs just to make sure their kids are eating and have a roof over their heads tonight. Something our elected officials and big business executives don't have to worry about. I hope you will think about contacting your elected officials and telling them that if they'd like to do something for the folks that put them in office increasing the minimum wage would be a good place to start.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.


Blogger dusty said...

I saw the repubes and dems called:
repube and repube-lite. It fits.

Cali has the highest min wage in the nation and San Fran has even higher I believe. But its still not enough to raise a family or pay for college for said kids. Social programs always get hit the sucks.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Tom Harper said...

I agree that the minimum wage needs to be high enough so that someone who works hard is able to support his/her family. When conservatives keep the minimum wage low, they reinforce their circular "logic." Workers start figuring out that they can make more money on welfare and unemployment than by working at the minimum wage. Then conservatives can wag their fingers and say "look at that lazy bum, why doesn't he get a job?!"

10:51 PM  
Anonymous And Another Thing said...

I am not being flippant, but either those in power give some nod to the working poor, or else we should consider outsourcing our legistlators.

I'm sure for $25,000 per year we could get a lot of people to serve in Congress. And I don't think the quality of the Congress would be greatly affected, either. They aren't there for the money anyway, right?

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Jake Porter said...

I disagree.

Minimum wage is nothing more than a trick used by government officials who have no knowledge of economics, or propose such ideas just to gain votes.

I am a custodian and my job is to strip and wax floors. If they increase the minimum wage, I know one or two workers would probably be fired to pay for the increase everyone else would be getting. I would not be fired because of my skill, but I know some other workers would.

If you really want to increase the minimum wage, contact congress about cutting back regulations and restrictions on small businesses who could then afford to pay their workers a better wage.

2:46 PM  

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