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Question Of The Week, 7/24/05

Good Morning. When he made his July 23, 2005 radio address to the nation ( President Bush said, "Judge Roberts has a stellar record of achievement. He is a man of sound judgment and the highest integrity. He has the qualities Americans expect in a judge -- experience, wisdom, fairness and civility. He has profound respect for the rule of law and for the liberties guaranteed to every citizen. He will strictly apply the Constitution and laws, not legislate from the bench." I hope you have been reading up on Judge John Roberts because for right now you are one of your states two Senators and this weeks Question Of The Week asks how you are going to vote when the time comes. Would you vote to confirm Judge John Roberts to the United States Supreme Court?

I'll be casting my vote in the comment section Monday morning.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic


Blogger Gun-Toting Liberal said...

Yes. We have much more important things to do than to pick apart a right-leaning centrist. The President was gracious enough to nominate him (he could have gone with Roy Moore), the least the Senate can do is confirm him ASAP without any stupid little games.

2:32 AM  
Blogger Ken said...

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2:53 AM  
Blogger Ken said...

Thank you for your comments in my blog, Oblogitory Anecdotes. Yes I am LDS. Congratulations on your baptism. Welcome Brother. I really like your site. I will blogmark it so I can return often. Keep up the good work! And Yes, so far I really liked what I have seen and Heard about Judge Roberts.

2:57 AM  
Blogger Whymrhymer said...

As the newly-elected junior Senator from the great State of Texas, I'll say AYE!

A couple of things I've read about him disturb me but, as GTL said, we have more important things to worry about right now. Judge Roberts seems to be a pretty solid candidate.

5:04 AM  
Blogger Unadulterated Underdog said...

I would vote to confirm Roberts because he is a Constructionist, therefore what our nation needs. I believe his records shows that he is compassionate and will not be harsh but will generally stick to a non-rhetorical and non-ideological interpretation of the Constitution.

6:02 AM  
Blogger web_loafer said...

I can see a long range strategy here. Judge Roberts deserves a quick confirmation vote, and will certainly win approval if the vote comes up. I don't think there are 40 Democrats willing to risk their huge paychecks for the likes of Dean, Durbin or Kennedy. It should be a 97 to 3 vote. About the long range strategy. There will have to be a chief justice nominated soon, and that will be the fight of the decade. But the president will have the perfect candidate for that also. It will be a pro-life,super intelligent, black woman, with no record on the bench, but one able to sit and ajudicate wisely.
No I'm not talking about Maxine Waters.........I think you know who I refer to. Many justices have had no background in law, but were confirmed. A judge on the supreme court should only have to consult one source for guidance, the constitution. What a novel idea, consulting the constitution.
It amuses me to see how the president outmanuevers the opposition over and over again. For someone they claim is so stupid to outfox them at every turn, they really must be stupid. They show us the folly of letting hatred guide your actions. I may be entirely wrong, but I hope this near the truth. By the way, Gun-toting liberal; I could only wish your party would once again take up the mantle of real liberalism, not this phoney stuff of recent years. I have always admmired many of the Democrats of the past, who served to serve. The Trumans, JFK, FDR, and others. If your party had ran somelike Zel Miller for the presidency, George Bush would be back jogging in Texas. I'm serious, he could have won.

6:49 AM  
Blogger John said...

He's got my vote.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Chris Woods said...

I would not vote to confirm Judge Roberts. My role is to advice and consent, according to the Constitution of the United States.

As per my duty, I would not consent to this nominee because I do not trust in his jurisprudence. There is one particular issue that will define this battle, and unfortunately it is abortion. I think the focus should be more on things like his adherence to stare decisis. I feel that adherence to Supreme Court precedence is one of the most important factors in picking a judge.

I am not confident in Judge Roberts' ability to be the critical thinker on the Court that both ideologies in America deserves.

1:05 PM  
Blogger Chris Woods said...

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6:32 PM  
Blogger David Schantz said...

I have to agree with my fellow Senators Gun-toting liberal and Whymrhymer, we have some very important matters to deal with right now. So I will vote to confirm Judge Roberts and suggest that we get to work on securing our borders.

I want to thank all of you for your answers. I hope you'll check in during the week and come back next Sunday (early) morning for the Question Of The Week.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

11:11 PM  
Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

He's one of a kind. The elderly of also liked him.

12:24 AM  

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